A Retreat for Buddhist Monastics & Laity in the Pacific Northwest

Cascade Hermitage

A Center of Dharma Near Winthrop, Washington

Cascade Hermitage, a companion project to Seattle-based Clear Mountain, offers retreat time for monastics of all Buddhist traditions.

The vision for the hermitage includes two year-round monastic shelters, and a stewards’ home that will double as a meditation hall for teachings. A small community of three households that support and care for the property, Cascade Hermitage is situated on twenty forested acres and a half-mile of Wolf Creek stream frontage in the beautiful Methow Valley.  To learn more about the project or to get involved, sign up to our Newsletter, join our Google Group, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

A Refuge for Sangha

As stewards of the hermitage, Sarah Conover and Doug Robnett hope to offer retreats to monks and nuns from both the Theravada and Mahayana traditions, many of whom may give teachings during their stay. The Dharma of the Buddha is considered “priceless” and therefore all teachings are given freely. Some of the visiting monastics walk for alms each morning and may be encountered in Winthrop and Twisp in their colorful robes with alms bowls in hand. The hope is that  people will feel free to chat with them in a mutual getting-to-know you.

Cascade Hermitage will offer weekly sittings on Sunday mornings and either a teaching from a monastic in residence, or a live-stream talk from Clear Mountain in Seattle. Venerable Nisabho, a Thai Forest monk, will be a part-time resident of Cascade Hermitage and offer two-day non-residential retreats at the end of every month.  

Calendar & Events

Join us for online & in-person teachings featuring monastic residents and friends of the hermitage. To hear about new events, subscribe to our Newsletter or YouTube channel. See our Contact section for ways to get more involved. Welcome!

Every Sunday

9:30 – 11:30 am (In-person & YouTube):
Buddhist Meditation, Teaching, & Potluck

Join local practitioners at the Methow Valley Wellness Center for meditation, teaching, and a potluck meal.  Venerable Nisabho of Clear Mountain, a monk of the Thai forest tradition who took ordination in 2013, will lead sessions in person for five weeks and afterwards at the end of every month. Other Sunday sessions will be taught by various monastics via Zoom or YouTube livestream. Welcome!

Final Weekend of Each Month (6/26-27, 7/31-8/1, etc.)

Saturday & Sunday (In-person & YouTube)
Monthly Last-Weekend Retreat
A free two-day in-person and livestreamed retreat led by Tan Nisabho of associated Seattle-based Clear Mountain held at the Methow Valley Wellness Center. See details and register here.



To learn more about Cascade Hermitage’s vision and how you can help its future, email us at [email protected]. Additionally, you’re welcome to subscribe to our Newsletter, YouTube channel, Facebook, or Google Group. Details regarding overnight stays for those travelling to retreat from out-of-town for retreats may be found by clicking on the event listing on the Calendar & Events page. Welcome!

In the spirit of Dhamma, all teachings are offered freely, with nothing expected in return. There are costs involved in the construction and maintenance of two monastic dwellings, travel, food, and other expenditures for visiting monks and nuns, renting space for monastic teachings, and other costs. For this reason, people often ask if there is a way they may support our organization. Those who wish to donate may send funds to the account managed by Cascade Hermitage’s stewards, Sarah Conover and Douglas Robnett, by clicking this link or the button below. Please note that, as the organization has yet to file as a non-profit, donations are not currently tax-deductible.